Wedding Garters for the Bride - Bridal Accessories

Wedding GartersAfter completing your list for your wedding ceremony accessories, it's time to prepare for your reception which includes the "tossing of the garter."

Who says tossing the garter has to be an awkward moment? In the past, brides parted with this special keepsake because of the traditional toss to her bridesmaids. Now you have an alternative because by selecting from our collection you receive a special bonus. For your convenience most of our wedding garters come with a complimentary tossing garter.

We realized that there are numerous wedding traditions and tossing the garter is just one of many that some still continue to honor. You may choose to start a new tradition, however many brides believe tossing the garter adds a little fun and frolic to their special occasion.

Distinctive bridal accessories are important, so included in this collection are garters that may be personalized to express your style, uniqueness and attention to the smallest details.