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Unity Candle & Holder  - Unity Set  - Memorial CandleAlthough the use of the unity candle is a relatively recent tradition added to the wedding ceremony, there is much symbolism associated with its use.

It can represent the joining together of two families as well as symbolize the commitment and union of the bride and groom as they become husband and wife. Therefore the unity candle has become a vital part of the wedding collection.

The unity candle ceremony usually involves two taper candle being lit by the mothers of the bride and groom one for each mother) or representatives from each family to symbolize the love and support of each family for the bride and groom. At the appropriate time in during the ceremony the bride and groom use these two flames from the tapes to light the unity candle. This represents bringing the love of both families together in a united love of the new couple. All three candles can remain burning or the two tapers can be extinguished with just the unity candle in the middle burning - representing two becoming one.