Rose Chalkboard Borders Recycled
Paper Bags
(5-1/2x3- 1/4x8-3/8")

Rose Chalkboard Borders Recycled </br>Paper Bags </br>(5-1/2x3- 1/4x8-3/8")
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Rose size Chalkboard Borders Shopping Bags by the carton are made from 40% recycled white kraft paper and features a white scroll border design or a black tinted background.

Green Way® Eco-Friendly Packaging. Bags are 100% recyclable and contain minimum 40% post consumer recycled content. Made in the USA.

Customize these bags with chalkboard markers! We can also custom print your store logo on these. Packaged 25/per pack or in bulk 250/per pack.

Availability: Usually ships in 2 - 3 business days.

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