Recycled Gift Tissue Paper - Gift Tissue - 480 Sheets/Flat Ream

Recycled Gift Tissue Paper</br> 20 x 30" </br>480 Sheets/Flat Ream If you're looking for eco-chic wrapping paper to accent your eco-frienfly favors we offer bulk recycled gift colored tissue sheets that are 20" x 30", packed 480 sheets per ream and have a soft folded. Color Flo Tissue Paper is made from 100% Recycled Fibers. #1 Grade USA-MF Color tissue paper. We guarantee it!

Our color tissue papers are made with quality, pride and tradition right here in the USA. Environmentally friendly.

Blind tests have shown Color-Flo Tissue to be equal to or surpassing the look and feel of any color tissue on the market today. It's excellent recycled gift tissue paper!

We provide assorted colors of tissue paper for your party, wedding, birthday, Christmas, baby, and other special occasions.