Glycerin Soaps - Handmade Soaps - Candles

Primal Elements Soaps </br> Glycerin Soaps & Candles #ParabenFree #Vegan #CrueltyFree - Handmade in the USA, our Primal Elements (5.8 oz. Bar Soap) includes handmade body soaps, handmade glycerin based soaps, aromatherapy herbal candles and aromatherapy glass candles. Primal Elements soap fragrances are fresh and clean. The eye-catching bath and body hand soaps are among the best bath soaps on-line.

Primal Elements soaps can be a hit as romantic gifts for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, husband, wife or just anyone that appreciates fun, functional bath and body care products.

Unique designs and quality ingredients in our handmade glycerin based soaps and handmade body soaps make for an amazing bath. We invite you to pamper and nurture your body and soul with our moisturizing body care. For those of you who like to give quality, fun bath gifts, Primal Elements is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Since Primal Elements soaps consist of luxury bath and body hand soaps that create memorable bathes, they can transform your shower to an at-home spa experience. These bath and body hand soaps are in a pillow pack. 5.8 oz. Bar Soap

Please Note: These soaps usually required 14 business days for delivery, however their unique designs are worth the wait.