Place Card Holder Wedding Favors - Placecard Frames

Place Card Holders & Frame Card HoldersImpress your guests with elegance, whimsy, tradition or nostalgia with your choice of place card holder wedding favors and place card frames. Placecards, photo-frames, placecard frames etc., allow you to affordable dress your table all while expressing your individuality.

No matter how big or small your party, reception or bridal shower, tackle this task with a smile knowing that the sooner you make your selection the better. Your decision is made easier because now, placecard frames and place card holders come in a variety of finishes and themes. Also it's reassuring to know that wedding card holders and frames can be used again and again by guests long after they leave your event.

Displaying your placecard holders on a table with an understated centerpiece with crisp white or lace table linen can make a stunning display at the entrance way for your guest to receive upon arrival.