Organza Bags
Sheer Polka Dot Favor Bags

Organza Bags</br> Sheer Polka Dot Favor BagsSheer Organza Polka Dot Bags with coordinating drawstring cords come in a wide selection of colors and many are available in 2 sizes (3x4 and 4x6). Yes - we have wedding favor holders & party favor holders with just the right pizazz!

Use these colorful, unique wedding favors as wedding accessories to enhance your reception atmosphere.

These lovely organza Polka Dot Bags are available in a variety of colors and will add a little spice to your miniature gift. Our organza sheer bags are perfect for bridal shower favors, jewelry pouches, wrapped candies, basket stuffers, soaps, candles, wedding favors and cosmetics.

These colorful favor bags are imported; colors may vary slightly from shipment to shipment.