Luxury Monogrammed Soap in Round Keepsake Box

Luxury Monogram  Soap - Punch Studio
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Monogrammed Soap - Each monogram verbena scented bar is vegetable based, 5 oz and presented in a custom gift box accented with gold foil. Give them as bridal shower favors, birthday gifts, mother's day, anniversary gifts and other special occasions. Discontinued - While supplies last

The box size is 3 3/4" Dia. x 2" H.

A gift that is unique, thoughtful and sure to please the recipient. Although many will choose to keep both the soap and soapbox as a keepsake, the soap is designed to be used and is quite functional as a luxury spa bar.

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It's an exquisite gift for guests when planning a small dinner party or celebration. It's a lavish, unique wedding favor for your private wedding or reception.

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Luxury Monogram  Soap - Punch Studio
Luxury Monogram  Soap - Punch Studio
Luxury Monogram  Soap - Punch Studio
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