Elegant Party Favors - Unusual Wedding Favors

When it's time for the party planner, event specialist or bride and groom to select favors, may we suggest selecting unusual party favors and elegant wedding favors to create special memories for your guests? Our featured candle wedding favors and bridal shower favors are usually at the top of this list. Many of the favors and gifts can be personalized, adding a special touch and attention to detail that your friends and guest will appreciate.

The contemporary party planner or bride has many options when selecting affordable favors that are unusual to express their individual unique qualities.

Whether, it's themed favors, or placecard holders your event is sure to be a notable occasion. Since your party, shower, wedding and reception will probably be remembered for years to come, don't be shy about seeking suggestions and assistance from friends and family. Just remember, elegance doesn't have to be out of your reach, we offer many unusual party favors and wedding reception accessories that are designed to protect your budget.