Honey Teallight Candles
(3 tealights per pack)

Honey Teallight Candles<br/> (3 tealights per pack)
Item # HHN-353X164
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Item Description
100% natural beeswax with its own natural honey fragrance, our beeswax candles burn bright and clean. Sold in a set of three, each tea light will last up to four hours.

Enjoy the warm ambiance and sweet aroma of these appealing tea lights as they naturally purify the air.

The premier choice for quality, purity and longevity, beeswax candles add a naturally fresh, sweet fragrance to your home.

Lasting four to five hours, the warm ambiance of these appealing tea lights naturally purify the air, making them the perfect gift. Sold in a set of three candles.

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