Heart-Shape Wedding Favors - Heart Theme Favors & Gifts

Hearts Theme Favors -  Heart Theme GiftsA gift of hearts from the heart to your guest is always a winner. Heart wedding favors are small thoughtful gifts that make lasting impressions with all that receive them. May we suggest also giving them for bridal shower party favors, wedding party gift & using them as reception accessories or party decorations.

What a wonderful way to get the heart "thumping", just by choosing to give unique heart wedding favors such as place card holders, coasters, heart soap favors, bottle stoppers, candle holders, etc. By the way, they're not just great for favors, heart shaped jewelry gifts and jewelry accessories with a hearts themes continue to be popular.

You absolutely can't go wrong with these favors because, of course everyone will know that your "heart" is in the right place. You may also choose to add a pizazz with colorful ribbons and bows.