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European Soaps Our European Soaps contain a French line of bath and body hand soaps and features Pre de Provence bath soaps on-line. The Aromachology and Aromatherapy based products are imported soaps and made with the finest ingredients.

We offer French soaps, olive oil soap, milled soap, fine bath & body products Kama Sutra products and European soaps bubble bath. European soaps - Pre de Provence French soaps are remarkable, clean and fresh! They are rich and made with Shea butter, making them very moisturizing and excellent for dry skin.

European soaps are great for men and women - they are the best gifts for her birthday as well as the best gifts for his birthday.

Since our Pre de Provence soaps are vegetable-based, they are of the highest quality and some of the best soaps available. As you may be aware, Pre de Provence soaps offer a vegetable oil base, rather than the common animal fat base that you will find in most soaps in the marketplace today. Recognizing in today's world we must be more eco-friendly, Pre de Provence products have incorporated organic or sustainable ingredients.