Decorations and Accessories

Borrow from traditions of the past to create hundreds of timeless ideas for your wedding table centerpieces with personalize wedding accessories. A Single or multiple fillable cylinders containing candies, flowers, marbles, etc. make excellent centerpieces for your wedding reception tables.

Decorating with spiral candle favors, allow your guests to enjoy their practical use and beauty both during the reception and later, at home. Garnishing spiral candelabras with fresh or life-like greenery adds the finishing touches to your tables for the shower, reception, party or wedding.

Sprinkling authentic seashells among petals and candles on select tables captures a sense of romance or the reflections of a summery beach. Placing stylish favors and personality tents at each place setting creates a dramatic presentation. Arranging bamboo tiki-torch centerpieces adorned with garden blooms and ribbon to create sweet, lasting memories.