Coffee Wedding Favors - Tea Wedding Favors -

Coffee and Tea Wedding FavorsOur variety of coffee and tea wedding favors are both delicious and refreshing. The aromas of coffee and tea are recognized and loved by most. For the tea and coffee lover, or anyone who's every drank coffee or tea these unique flavor-filled treats will keep on giving.

Our coffee wedding favors and tea wedding favors can be personalized making them even more adorable as unique wedding favors for every guest. If coffee and tea doesn't suit your fancy, may we suggest "hot apple cider mix" or giving your guests candy wedding favors, cookie wedding favors or other edible wedding favors.

Candles with the scent of fresh roasted coffee and favors with coffee and tea motif will embellish your theme for your special celebration.

Personalized and Edible items are both non-returnable and non-refundable.