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Candle Wedding FavorsCandle wedding favors create an atmosphere of elegance, simplicity or romance for your wedding reception.  They serve as excellent wedding favors for your guests.

Tealight canles, votive candles, classic candles, traditional candles and whimsical candles, are all stylish and will add flair to your special day.

Our unique candles have been a great hit as centerpieces for wedding, reception, both for a bridal shower or baby shower, as well as house warming and birthday parties. Display them openly or hide them in nesting gift boxes and place on the table as centerpieces with a note that says "open your surprise."

Since candle wedding favors can be notable embellishments for your wedding reception - choose your votives, tealight and wedding candle holders wisely. These elegant wedding favors are sure to be cherished long after the ceremony.

Let your candle favors evoke memorable experiences for you and your guests. Decorative tea light candles, popular votive candles and mini packaged candles are wonderful bridal shower favors and wedding favors that will be cherished as expressions of love and versatility.