Bath Soap Favors - Wedding Soap Favors - Bath Favors

Bath and Soap Wedding FavorsBath gifts and soap favors make stylish, unconventional and whimsical wedding favors. It's not surprising that soap favors are on the rise as a fresh alternative for gifts at wedding receptions and to compliment your wedding decorations. This new trend gives and exciting new twist to bath and body.

Giving bath soap favors at your wedding reception, bridal shower and to all in your wedding party is sure to establish you as an ideal host and enrich your celebration. Whether it's scented soap favors, rose soap favors,luxury soap favors or heart soap favors, they are as practical as they are beautiful.

Looking for something thoughtful or personal? Create an elegant gift basket with imported bath and body favors and candles, truly making a lasting impression. Also, adorn you guests' tables with unique aromatherapy bath favors to liven up your reception, shower or social.

Establish an understated intimate and cozy environment with delicate bath soap favors and votive candles.