Apiana Honey Soap
3.5oz 6-Bar Pack
Baudelaire Soaps
Minimum 2 Packs

Apiana Honey Soap<br/> 3.5oz  6-Bar Pack<br/> Baudelaire Soaps<br/>Minimum 2 Packs
Item # BS-10107-6
Regular price:$35.00

Item Description
Honey-rich, vegetable-base soap from Switzerland...in a convenient 6 pack box.

Whether you call them French-milled, triple-milled, or just fantastic, these soaps are all made the traditional way, by "milling" the ingredients 3X for a rich, long-lasting bar. They also feature a pure vegetable base and moisturizing shea butter.

You'll have your friends, family, Colleagues or wedding party buzzing about these exquisite imported soap bars.

As a new twist to your celebration, luncheon, reception or shower, these Baudelaire Soaps as favors or gifts, will steal the show.

If your looking for a unique bath gift that makes a bold statement of quality and beauty, our Apiana Honey soap bars will surpass your expectations.

Ingredients Palm oil, coconut oil, water, sodium chloride, glycerin, honey, fragrance, iron oxide color.


Availability: Apiana Honey Bar Soap usually ships in 1 - 2 weeks.

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