Apiana Alpine Honey - 3.5oz
( Include 12 Bars) Baudelaire Soaps

Apiana Alpine Honey - 3.5oz<br/> ( Include 12 Bars) Baudelaire Soaps<br/>
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Item Description
Our bestselling Honey Soap with a luscious fragrance that features a hint of wild rose in a convenient 12 bars pack.at $6.00 per bar. Made in USA!

Honey is hydroscopic - meaning it actually attracts moisture. Ergo, these soaps should be less drying than soaps without honey!

In addition, they are "super fatted" with the addition of lanolin, which adds to the moisturizing value and, as an added bonus, makes their lather rich and smooth. One of our most popular products for years! Made in Vermont.

When planning your next gatherings of family, special guests or bridesmaids make a lasting impression with our exquisite honey bath soaps.

Whether it's a birthday party, anniversary, holiday event or shower we suggest lavishing your friends with our Apiana Alpine honey soap and packaging it in a unique bag or box to make a magnificent presentation.

Ingredients - This fragrance contains the highest percentage of pure honey - almost 5%. Honey is hydroscopic - it attracts water.

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