Rose Floating Candle(ea.)
Yellow (scented or unscented)

Rose Floating Candle(ea.)<br/> Yellow (scented or unscented)
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Stunning, striking, yellow wedding candle favors that will light up the night. Make a bold presentation with unique wedding favors that's memorable. Want to perk up your bridal shower, bridal luncheon, party of special event - add these snappy floating candles to the table settings and see things sizzle! Made in the USA.

Yellow Roses symbolize Joy, Gladness, Freedom, Friendship. Measured 3" wide. Rose floating candle burns up to 8 hours per rose. Available unscented or scented with Rose Petal fragrance oil. (other floating candle colors available).

These floating candles are individually wrapped and labeled. Can be floated in a bowl of water or can be lit on a dish or dry surface.(may ship separately from other items ordered)

Each rose measured 3" wide and burn up to 5 hours. Please note: burn time depends on if you trim the wick and if you keep candles away from draft or wind and if you burn them on a dry dish or in water, or if you get the wick wet. For safety purposes, any candles should not burn no more than 3 hours at a time.

Select Rose-scented floating candle or Unscented floating candle below. #wedding

As a wedding candle favor they make great wedding reception accessories.

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